Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Just to check in with those wondering where I am in the world, I'm in Casablanca, Morocco!! It's vastly different (and by that I mean immensely more developped) than the capital of Burkina. There are so many satellite dishes and there are sidewalks, and everything is so clean! I'm with 5 other EX-Peace Corps Volunteers. So we are 6 of the original 15 of us who arrived in Burkina together in March 2005. The other 3 of us who finished service are on a motorcycle trip from Ghana to Morocco, so I won't see them again until we're all back in the States.

Lucky for us, one guy in my group knows a woman he was in college with who works here in Morocco. And again lucky for us, she has an amazing, large apartment that accomodates all of us. She's so nice and set us up with everything that could easily WOW newly released PCVs from Burkina Faso... like we ate cheese and cake and used a washing machine and slept in real beds.... simply glorious.... And the weather is perfect. We arrived here about 11 a.m. yesterday and didn't leave her apartment all day because we hadn't slept at all before our 6 a.m. flight and also because we had everything we could ever need in one place. We stepped out on her balcony (!!!) at night and the air was cooler than any air I've felt in burkina since January. It's just perfect.

I guess we'll actually try and leave the apartment at some point and check out some sites here... like the Big Mosque of Casa, the beach, Fez, I don't know what else... But I'll probably not blog anymore, and I'll be home in ONE WEEK from today! Can't wait to see everyone!!

A Bientot!


At June 26, 2007 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooo that totalllly means that you're coming home today if you're not already here!!!! yay! lets get ready to PAAARRRRTAY! and by that i mean cuddle. scratch that, i mean ppppaaarrrrttttyyyy... i wonder if the big show is still around...he should soooo strip for us. and by us i mean me i mean you... i'm spoken for.

call me betch.

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